Recent Work: 2003-2012
Until the new website is completed, Laura's most recent work can be seen in this Facebook album accessible to everyone: Selected Paintings

Laura's Website Portfolio includes past shows and various works completed between 1991 through 2003. More recent work can be seen in one of her Facebook page albums here: Selected Paintings

Miscellaneous: Commissions and work not connected to a show
Past Shows:

Riverdale Art Walk: a weekend-long event featuring the work of over 100 artists shown in various Riverdale area venues.

Home: Gallery 888, Oct. 29 to Nov. 10, 2002
An exhibition of acrylic paintings explores the meaning of "home," not as a specific place, but as a feeling of comfort and connectedness, warmth and belonging, of thanks and grace.

Grace: Gallery 888, April 16-28, 2002
A solo exhibition of acrylic paintings, inspired by my personal search for hope after losing two very special people in my life to cancer and by the moments of grace which brought healing and revelation.

McMichael Autumn Art Sale: McMichael Canadian Art Collection, October 27-29, 2000
New images of Irish set dancing and "landscape" paintings.

Courtyard Art: F.H. Varley Gallery Courtyard, June 5-6, 1999
Colourful landscape and still-life with a special focus on images of old orchards.

Step-about: Kathleen Gormley McKay Art Centre,
October 1-4, 1998
Featuring images of Irish Music and Dancing and vibrant portraits.



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